ilyas Yalçintaş Concert (Floria Beach-Istanbul)

ilyas Yalçintaş Concert

İlyas Yalçıntaş

(born 7 March 1989) is a Turkish singer-songwriter.

Life and career

ILYAS YALCINTAS Yalçıntaş was born on 7 March 1989 in ErzincanEastern Turkey. He is a graduate of Küçükçekmece İMKB Anatolian High School. His breakthrough came in 2014, when he took part in X Factor Türkiye as a contestant. performing the song “İncir”, written and composed by his friends İskender Külekçi and Orçun Karamuk. In 2015, he released a new version of the song, rearranged by Behzat Gerçeker & Enbe Orkestrası. The song managed to top Kral Pop and TTNet Müzik charts in Turkey.

After releasing “İncir” as a single in 2015, he released the song. “Olmazsa Olmazımsın”, for which again he worked with Enbe Orkestrası and Büşra Periz. In 2016, he released. his first official album İçimdeki Duman, which consists. of the songs that he previously published in 2015. The songs “İncir”, “Olmazsa Olmazımsın”, “Nefes” and “İçimdeki Duman”, and “Bu Nasıl Veda” were all turned into music videos to further promote the album. but or not

In May 2018, his duet with Feride Hilal Akın was released under the title “Şehrin Yolu”. The song was written by Yalçıntaş and composed by him and Emre Can Yıldız.

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