Ebi concert Istanbul turkey 13 september 

Ebi concert Istanbul turkey 13 september





13 | SEPTEMBER | 2024    19:30∼00:00


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Ebi concert Istanbul turkey 13 september

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Ebi concert Istanbul turkey 13 september 

Ebrahim Hamedi (born 1949), better known by his stage name Ebi, is an Iranian pop singer who first started his career in Tehran and Karaj, gaining fame as part of a band, and later as a solo performer. He moved to Los Angeles in 1977, two years before the 1979 revolution in Iran, and continued his career in exile. Over 50 years, Ebi has released nearly 200 singles and over 30 albums.
Inspired by The Beatles, he formed a beat band known as “the Rebels” with Shahram Shabpareh and Siavash Ghomayshi in the mid 60’s. He was also a part of the “Sunboys” and “Black Cats” bands, before embarking on a career as a solo singer.He  left Iran to tour the United States in 1977, before the Islamic Revolution of 1979 and he stayed there after the revolution.In 1990, he released the joint album Noon O Panir O Sabzi with Dariush. In the same year, he performed a joint concert with Dariush at the Universal Amphitheater.The song Khalij-e Hamishegi-ye Fars (Persian Gulf forever) is one of Ebi’s most famous songs, the lyrics of this song is by Adel Hassani and the composer of this song is Mohammad Shams. The name of the album Khalij is because of this song. Ebi stated that this song is one of the few songs that he is proud of himself for performing.

In 1995, Ebi released the album Setarehaye Sorbi with the lyrics of Iraj Janatie Ataie and the composition of Siavash Ghomayshi. In the Manoto’s “Behtarinhaye Behtarinha”, which showed the top 20 songs of Ebi as chosen by the people, the song Kee Ashkato Pak Mikoneh and Setarehaye Sorbi won the first and second place, respectively, and both of these songs are from this album. Also, the song Ghebleh from this album was ranked 17th.


 -It is forbidden to bring food, drink, cutting, piercing or flammable objects into the event area.
-Event participants accept that photos and videos will be taken within the event area.
-It is forbidden to use professional video recorders and take pictures without written permission.
-It is expected that care will be taken to avoid shooting with non-professional devices that will disturb other guests and performing artists and violate the privacy of their private lives. Shooting with flash is strictly prohibited.