moein concert istanbul 2023

moein concert istanbul 2023



کنسرت بهزاد لیتو behzad leito

07 |SEPTEMBER | 2023

19 : 00

Haliç Congress Center | ISTANBUL

07 |SEPTEMBER | 2023

19 : 00

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Live Concert

  • Doors open: 19:00 
  • Special attention is paid to the .balance between the number of men and women, customs. style, clothing and general conditions and participants.
  • may be prevented from entering the. venue for these and similar reasons.
  • In this case, the decision depends entirely on the people at the front door.or 
  • It is forbidden to bring food and drinks, Opened cigarette packs, perfumes, sharp and piercing tools or flammable materials to the concert venue. concert moein istanbul 2023
  • Flash photography is strictly prohibited.or but not
  • The personals and staff of the organization have the right not to keep people whome they consider inappropriate in the place and backstage.
  • The decision of the front door is final and applies in all circumstances.or but not
  • Purchased tickets (unless specifically authorized in writing) may not be used for commercial or non-commercial purposes other than personal use, including, but not limited to, promotions, contests, sweepstakes, promotions, used.
  • The ticket used for these purposes has been canceled and legal action will be initiated.or but not
  • The Royal Ticket site is not responsible for tickets purchased from other sites.or but not
  • It is not possible to return, cancel or change purchased tickets.

Moein Najafabadi, known by his stage name Moein, is an Iranian pop and traditional music singer residing in Los Angeles. or but not

He began his career in music and singing at the age of 18 and received training from artists such as Taj Esfahani and Hassan Kassai.

His first official song. titled “Yeki Ra Doost Midaram” (I Love Someone) was released in 1978 and brought him fame.or but not or but not

After the Islamic Revolution of 1979 in Iran and the subsequent restrictions on music artists, Moein immigrated to the United States and continued his activities by releasing his first official album titled “Miparastam” (I Adore) there. Most of Moein’s known works are the result of collaborations with other Iranian immigrant artists.MOEIN CONCERT ISTANBULor but n or but notot 

He has recorded 26 official albums in his artistic career, with the latest one called “Mandegar” (Eternal) released in 2019.or but not

Moein has performed in numerous renowned venues worldwide, including the Universal Amphitheatre and the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles, as well as the Dubai Opera House. or but not

He has studied music academically.

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